My Life is in Danger, and I Need Utah To Know About it.

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The Quiet Assassination of Evan McMullin February 22nd, 2018

This document is intended to serve as something of a digital paper trail, which will serve to help law enforcement as well as the public in the event of my death. Because I am afraid of my Facebook account hacked being taken down by the very group that is terrorizing me (this has already happened once), I am attaching this document, and any subsequent information related to the recent events in my life, to a new page online.

I need this to be known to the public:

1: There is an ongoing assassination plot against me. It is playing out in real time and has been going on for  months. There is a secondary plot to destroy my reputation and, I believe, have me falsely imprisoned for crimes I didn't commit. I suspect this will be related to the use or trafficking of drugs or something related to my profession.

2: I have endured multiple house invasions in two residences in Salt Lake City, Utah, and have been forced out of my home state of Utah out of fear for my life. I have had individuals placing drugs in the food in my house with what I believe to be a recreational drug, I believe crystal meth. 

Additionally, I've had individuals place bags of what looks to be cocaine or methamphetamines in my house and my car. I currently have a rental car and suspect that it may to may have drugs that have been planted inside it. I've also had my trash in Salt Lake City riffled through and stolen multiple times.

4 I have been harassed repeatedly multiple times by police in Utah, and also in Colorado. Some of the officers knew exactly who I was (as it relates to child sex abuse), and were perfectly aware of what is happening in my life. Some of them were ruthless with me, even poking fun at my being a child sex abuse victim. 

I believe that most police officers are heroes and only want to protect me if they understood what is happening with me. Sadly, a few bad apples give these heroes a bad name.

3: Whoever is behind this destruction of my life seems to have an enormous amount of power, reach, and money. I believe that they are even paying individuals or businesses money to aide them in their efforts.

Currently, the most prevalent plot seems to be to set me up as a criminal methamphetamine user/dealer, or have me falsely arrested. On top of this, they are trying to simply terrify me and make my life miserable.

Whoever is doing this is  technologically savvy. My home network in Salt Lake City was compromised, and I've had cell phones that I know for various reasons have been tapped. I've also had computers that have been hacked, and that have had viruses placed on them.

4: Because I cannot protect myself, I have repeatedly been to multiple Utah law enforcement agencies

- including the office of the AG, the local police in Salt Lake City, and even the FBI. I've also reached out to multiple media networks in Utah.

Sadly, I have received no help and no protection.

5: As mentioned, and this is important... in addition to the physical threat against my person, there was and is an ongoing campaign to destroy my character and brand me as a methamphetamine dealer and user, or also have me arrested for crimes I didn't commit.

On top of this, there has also been an effort to destroy my mental and emotional health and brand me as mentally unstable.

6: I am in abject fear for my life, as I cannot get help or protection from the very institutions that are designed to do just that.

Why this is happening to me:

1: As a child, I have had care takers in my life who were not safe for me. Because of this, I was sold, as a child prostitute, to powerful religious and business leaders within Salt Lake City. I am the child victim of very powerful people. I have been involved in child pornography, as well as trafficked across state lines. I have memories to confirm this. It was not my intention to come forward with this information. Only because of recent events and ongoing harassment, am I now going public.

2: I know who a few of these people are. Some had or have an enormous amount of power within both religious and business circles in Utah. I have lists of names that are saved to my email account as well as thumb drives. If I die, demand that a full investigation of the lists be reviewed.

3: Until recently, I had believed my past was behind me, and I had no intention of coming forward with what I knew about the individuals involved in this. I now understand more than I did previously, and this is the reason, I believe, that I'm now being targeted.

I'm confident that if I don't get help, and soon, I will be dead or in jail/prison for crimes I didn't commit.

   Who Is Doing This?

Over the past 80 days, I've been at the center of a vicious, ongoing, life and death struggle against what I believe is a ruthless, Mormon-rooted, child-sex-trafficking-cult.

For the past Twelve weeks, this group has made numerous, sophisticated attempts to either kill me or destroy my character, and I am in abject fear for my life.

I am outgunned, outmatched, and out-funded, and I fear there may not be much time left for me. In this current situation, I cannot see any other way out of this.


I have been subjected to unimaginable horrors over the course of my life, and now, the very Utah cult who bought and sold me as a child, has returned to my life, at age 39 (my theory is that they now see me as a liability), to set me up as a mentally-unhinged criminal, and even kill me.

In short, I am up against a Mormon-based, criminal mafia that wants to see me destroyed in any way possible.

I am not well connected, unfortunately, and I have very little support or protection.

Sadly, some of the people in my life who were “formerly close to me" (you'll have to infer what this means) are also involved in this conspiracy against me. Some of these people knew and know what is happening in my life and this plot against me. Some were even involved in the sale of my person. These individuals have given me no help, shelter, or support in any way. In fact, they give this cult full license to come after me the way they have.

I am also isolated, which is very dangerous for me, and I'm unsure of who I can trust or who is safe to me.

I am single individual who is up against a criminal, mafia-like network of ruthless, well-funded and connected child-sex traffickers (and their sympathizers,) and am unsure as to how or if I'll survive what is happening to me.

I couldn't have imagined, in my wildest dreams, just how much power this cult has in the State of Utah.

It is my current belief that, historically, there have been thousands of victims of this group who are powerless or displaced, or who cannot fight back.

My guess is that many, like me, have likely been forced out of the State of Utah.

It is also my belief that those who pose a serious threat to the group, like myself, have simply been killed, and that those deaths, like mine, would have appeared as a suicide or accidental death.

I don't believe this group commits overt assassinations, as this would appear messy, and an investigation would doubtless ensue.

This cult, again, based on what I've personally seen and learned over the past Nine weeks, is extraordinarily sophisticated. They are highly skilled in human intelligence and have planted individuals in my business and personal life who were dangerous to me. Some of these people were put in my life with the intention of getting close to me and learning what it is that I know about the cult or learning as to when or in what way I might be coming forward with information.

On the business side of things, there were others put into my life with the intention, I believe, of getting me into legal trouble.

Because I didn't have a clear understanding the extent to which I was being tracked/monitored, I blindly and naively trusted those around me.

It simply did not occur to me that I (or that anyone) was important enough to have my life destroyed in this way.

I have begged, even pleaded for investigations and protection from the Salt Lake Police Department, 'the Attorney General, and from the FBI - with no such luck.

Again, I am alleging:

1: That I've been the victim of multiple house invasions by people who enter my house when I'm not home and place chemicals or drugs - I believe methamphetamines - in my food.

2: That I've had drugs, (I believe cocaine or powdered methamphetamine) placed in my car and on the clothes on my person (I believe this is related to an ongoing campaign to set me up as a methamphetamine addict and dealer). Also, that it is possible that drugs have been planted somewhere on my current rental car.

3: That in Salt Lake City I was drugged no fewer than Three times (again, I suspect some sort of stimulant, like crystal meth) by individuals entering my house and placing drugs in my food.

One incident put me in the ER.

4: That I've had pets get abducted, tortured, and returned, traumatized.

5: That I have been the victim of multiple, harassing, traffic stops - multiple times in Utah, but also the state of in Colorado. I've been forced multiple times to "walk the line," or be breathalyzed. Again, I want to make it clear here that it is my belief that that majority of the police officers are good people who put their lives on the line to protect the public. Sadly, it only takes a few bad/corrupt law enforcement officials to poison good officers.

6: That my cell phone has been tapped (whoever is behind this always seems to know where I am). Also, in Salt Lake City, that my home wifi network was compromised. I've had multiple viruses placed on computers and cell phones, including iphones.

7: That I have had people who sexually abused me as a child follow me into stores and restaurants- all with the intention of intimidating me.

8: That I have people who tailgate in their car daily or who park next in empty parking lots, and who make awkward efforts to film me with their cell phones. Because this is happening to me daily, I can no longer view one of these events as an anomaly.

9: That I've been forced from my beautiful home in Sugarhouse, Utah, to a townhouse in Murray, Utah. I've had to stay in to hotel rooms. I have even fled to Colorado, where the harassment continued, but am now again temporarily in Salt Lake City.

10: That my life is in danger, and I cannot protect myself.

Instead of an impartial investigation into what is going on with me, law enforcement at all levels has been apathetic at best, and hostile at worst

I've been to the office of the Attorney General and have had multiple conversations with people close to Sean Reyes. I was led to believe that I would get an impartial investigation, and even sat down with two agents at the office who were supposedly involved with child sex trafficking in Murray, Utah.

While these individuals alleged to open an investigation, and show some sympathy and remorse for my situation, it is my current belief that based on our recent conversations, that the real purpose of these meetings was to intimidate me into silence and get me to leave the State.

The real investigation, I now know, is one into my mental wellness and personal character, and I now believe now that it's entirely possible that there are individuals at the office of the Attorney General who know what is going on with me, and have no intention whatsoever in an impartial investigation.

Again, I believe that the evidence that is really being gathered, is evidence that will ultimately set me up as a mentally unhinged methamphetamine dealer/user, which is patently false.

I've also been to the Salt Lake Police Department. Sadly, my case was wrongly sent to the homeless outreach center on 200 South, and 500 West. I've been multiple times to this office but have yet to even be able to sit down with a detective, even after Nine weeks.

I've been multiple times to the FBI headquarters near the SLC airport. The last attempt I made to get through to an FBI agent, I was confronted by two men who stated that they were with the Salt Lake Police Department, and that I should I come back, they would be the only people there, and not to bother. They stated that I would never, ever be able to speak to an FBI agent. They then took my license plate and told me I'd be arrested should I ever try again to go to the FBI building in Salt Lake City.

Set up to be a methamphetamine dealer/user

I know now that there is an ongoing conspiracy against me to set me up as a troubled, dishonest, mentally unhinged, drug-addict/dealer.

The most troubling aspect of this campaign against me is that I've now been unsuspectingly drugged multiple times with methamphetamines, and that getting this drug into my system has been part of an ongoing narrative to paint me as a meth user/dealer.

Once, whatever it was that I ingested was so severe that I had to go to the emergency room. My chest was pounding, I had shortness of breath, and couldn't inhale. Realizing only at the last minute that I was drugged with a recreational drug, (I believe methamphetamine), I refused a blood or urine test, which I now know would have just given ammunition to those who are looking to set me up as a low-lever drug user/pusher.

I've had people break into one of my two residences multiple times in Utah, and also into my car, merely with the intention of placing drugs in my food.

I was pulled over in Colorado Two nights ago and was harassed for an hour or so by four police officers.

This was not a normal traffic stop. These officers know what is going on with me and were completely aware of my situation. They were cruel, demeaning, and ruthless with me. I believe that the entire purpose of this stop was to have video of me being "investigated" in a second state. A few corrupt cops in another State will help make a false case against me, posthumously, as a criminal drug user/pusher.

Don't believe it.

There has been no investigation, and no one has been held accountable.


I need all this information in the public arena in the event of my eventual death or false incarceration. It is important to me that it be made public before these events occur.

Please share this post on you Facebook page. I desperately need your help.


Update to Facebook post of December 28th.

Facebookers, my facebook account was taken down. The story and the videos I had posted were pulled from the site. I have attempted to login again, but cannot get past (what I believe) is a false security check.

This is happening from multiple computers. Because I'm not a tech person, I cannot tell say why it is that I cannot get back into my account.

I can say that someone desperately does not want me to be back into my account and posting about what is happening to me.

I am still on the run and I am currently holed up in a hotel near the FBI headquarters downtown.

I have moved 2 more times since the last I checked in. My life continues to be in serious danger and I continue to be stalked, harassed, intimidated, surveilled, and attacked. Both my car and my residence have been broken into several times.

I have people going into my house and putting drugs in my food.

Three days ago, I found a bag of cocaine in my car- large enough, I believe to warrant federal charges.

Yesterday I was poisoned through food with what I believe was recreational methamphetamine. It made my heart race and got to the point where I could barely breathe. I went in an ambulance to the University ER, but when I realized I had been drugged with something recreational, I chose not to get a urinalysis, or any bloodwork done.

1.believe I was set up to go in and have my blood drawn with what would have been a methamphetamine or something illegal. This would have had me falsely arrested and imprisoned, and I could have been killed in jail.

Because .my house gets broken into, ra.m forced to carry a gun and cash with me.

So my arrest for methamphetamines would simply look like I was a low-level drug dealer who had just had a bad trip.

I have been to the police multiple times, but my case has been outsourced, wrongly, to the community action (homeless) center on 500 West, and 200 South.

I continue without police protection.

Additionally, those who are involved in this are technologically sophisticated.

I cannot even establish a secure network at any of my residences without that network being hacked.

I also have a router connection that pops up -"fbisurveillanceevan"- (or some variation of this), wherever I choose to try to make a life for myself.

I am currently holed up in a hotel near the FBI headquarters on Amelia Earhart Drive near the airport.


If things continue this way, I am confident that without any outside help or protection, I will be dead.or falsely imprisoned within a few short weeks.

I need the world and the media to know what is going on with me.


Again, the reason why this is happening to me is because I was a victim of serious child sexual abuse which occurred in the 1980's and 1990's.

Some of the men who did this to me are powerful, and still alive. Others have passed on.

I have handwritten a list of names of perpetrators for now, will leave that in a secure place.

I have posted video from Facebook on my Youtube account "Evan Mark McMullin"

This is the best I can do for now. Thoughts and prayers appreciated.

If I Die, Here's Why

Why it matters, and How You Can Help




Salt Lake City, Utah December 28th, 2017

Near the First of the Month of December, I posted a video on Facebook in which I confessed to being a victim of childhood sexual abuse.

Also that this abuse occurred right here in Salt Lake City, and that the very people who had victimized me as a child had returned - to harass, intimidate, and, (as I now know}, even attempt to kill me.

This is my life. It is not a joke.

I'd like to thank the friends, business colleagues, and even strangers who shared the video and posted it on their Facebook accounts. Your efforts have played a part in keeping me safe these last few weeks.

Over the last several days, my life has been unbelievably frightening.

While it might be comforting to tell yourself that I must be someone who is confused, paranoid, delusional, or demented, and that no such thing could possibly occur here in Utah; I'd ask that you make an effort to keep your skepticism at bay and attempt to keep an open mind.

I have no history of psychosis or mental illness. I'm not currently on any medication, and, while I am mentally and emotionally exhausted because of the events over the last Four weeks, I don't suffer from any kind of mental or emotional illness.

Every word that you're about to read is true.

It was never my intention for any part of my past to become public, as I had no desire oi ever coming forward with any of this.

My childhood traumas were my cross to bear, and my burden to carry.

And had I not been pushed into a situation as dangerous as the one I'm currently in, I may have remained indefinitely silent on these issues.


And it is only because I'm terrified for my survival that you're reading this.

What's Happening

Over the last few years of my life - from my mid-to-late 30's - I've been flooded with some traumatic

childhood memories that have surfaced, and confirmed to me consciously what I've always understood at the sub-conscious, emotional level: As a child, I was sexual prey to a. group of men (and some women) who are involved in what can only be described as an underground, enormously

violent, child-sex-trafficking-and-child-prostitution ring.

This group operates right here in Salt Lake City, Utah, and consists of religious and political leaders. It also counts other working professionals among its ranks: doctors, lawyers, accountants, school teachers, social workers, counselors, therapists, government employees, etc.

Most of the members of this group that I'm personally aware of were leaders who were local to the neighborhood I lived in as a child.

I do know however know of some other businessmen and religious leaders who are involved. 

While I'm not currently naming any names, or interested in exposing specific individuals, I can say that some of the Men who sexually abused me were (or are) Mormon General Authorities.

That is, they previously held, or now hold, high positions of power within the Mormon Church. I am also aware of some local businessmen who are involved. These are men with an enormous amount of money and power.

It is for this reason that I believe that I am being harassed and targeted to the extent that I am.

I'd like to emphasize this:

Only a person who is utterly deranged would believe that people are after him without reason.

But I am a firsthand witness to multiple brutal, child sexual abuse crimes by local business and religious leaders here in Salt Lake City...

Only for this reason do I believe I am being targeted.

Who I am

In spite of my childhood traumas, I have tried my best to piece together a normal life for myself. I am an Eagle Scout, a Mormon seminary graduate, and I served a mission in Madrid, Spain.

I am an active Mormon.

I love the church.

I support and sustain the brethren.

I agree with the mission of the gospel and I am proud of my mission service. I see problems in the Church but accept it as it is, warts and all. I haven't always been perfect in my testimony. I've fallen short, made mistakes, and said and done stupid things along the way.

I've been critical of some aspects of the faith and some of the issues with our history. But the church has always been an integral part of who I am - and always will be.

After my mission I attended school at the University of Utah. I graduated with multiple degrees and

then went on to attend Law School. All this before making a transition to becoming a full-time Real Estate Investor here in Salt Lake city.

I'm far from perfect, but I've always believed in hard work and a positive attitude. I see myself as

always wanting to give to others the best of myself and loving and caring for those around me.

I think it should be stated that it is not my intention that this document be understood as criticism of the Mormon Church.

It is my belief that the sick, sociopathic individuals involved in these crimes are merely using the church as a vessel, or a medium, through which to commit their evil, and similar evils exist in other cultures as well.

Utah is not safe for children

Most of us, if we're being honest with ourselves, already know this. We've all met, known - or have even been in a relationship, with someone who has eventually come to quietly confess to being sexually abused, or, like me, been through worse.

As Mormons, we were taught to trust and love others; particularly if they talk the talk and walk the walk of active, believing Mormons. But more often than we'd like to admit, the abuser is an active member of the church.

I believe that many of us know and understand this, but choose - perhaps out of some sort of misguided belief that we may be harming the reputation of the church - to ignore the evidence, or hope that someone else will deal with the problem.

Rarely, but occasionally, someone is arrested and brought to justice. Sadly, those stories are few and far between.

The media report as best they can, and the world gets back to business.

We are now nearing in on two decades since the Catholic Church addressed its internal issues related to child sexual abuse. Grown adults came forward, by the thousands, to name names and tell their stories.

If we are ever able to grow as a culture and address the very serious issues we have with child sexual abuse, we will have to learn how to be more critical and more discriminating.

We will need to grow up.

And until Utahns stand up against child sexual abuse, nothing will change. When will we finally begin to speak up about child sexual abuse in Utah?

I'd like to get this out of the way here...

In my first online Facebook video, I mention that I was trafficked as a child, and that the men who got away with it were able to do so because of "the techniques that the group used."

I believe this deserves some clarification.

This was a reference to the way in which the group uses drugs to get away with crimes.

This group has access to a variety of sedatives and other narcotics, which they used on me several times.

How they get access to these drugs is beyond me. I don't know how or in what way these drugs are controlled, I only know that they have and use them.

I have memories of being dosed with the "date rape" drug, Rohypnol. I know the effects on the body.

I've experienced this several times.

I have other memories of being drugged after being sexually abused. That is, men would sexually assault me - gang rape me even - and then give me an injection of a liquid in my arm or in my neck. I don't know what this liquid was, obviously. These events occurred years ago, and I'm not a medical doctor.

But I do know the effect this drug had on my body. Within a few mere seconds, I would black out.

When I would wake the next morning, I'd have no conscious memory of the traumatic event.


First off, again, I recognize that what you're about to read, you may do so with a degree of skepticism. You will want to tell yourself that something so enormously evil and so sinister can exist in right here within the believed-to-be-safe-confines of Salt Lake City, or within greater Utah.

You will want to believe that I'm exaggerating, or that I'm somehow emotionally ill or misguided. Again, I understand this instinct, and I would ask you to fight against it.

My story could have been much worse, and without revealing too much about my childhood

and those who surrounded me, I can tell you that as a child, there were some people who were safe to me, and others who were not. This made constant access to my person much more difficult.

I know of many other friends who have endured circumstances much worse than the ones I lived through.

They are, as adults, not human beings I want to be around.

I was raised in a lower-to-middle-class neighborhood in East Salt Lake City, The geographic boundaries of my Stake (for those familiar with Salt Lake,) ranged from·700 East to 1300 East, and from 500 South to about 1300 South.

By the mid 1980's and.1990's, when I was a child in this area, only one in about every 15 homes in my neighborhood was active LOS (Mormon). Each ward was a tight knit group. We were all friends, and all knew of and engaged with each other.

What I now know, is that that this group was inundated with and controlled by a vicious, underground, child-sex-prostitution and-child-pornography-ring.

Predators frequently sought out positions of power within the Mormon church.

Many of the predatory men who were involved in this group were bishops, counselors, teachers, boy scout leaders, or other individuals with influence in the neighborhood - few seemed to be lay members or mere congregationists.

Much of this child abuse was generational. With parents abusing children and Grandchildren, etc. Parents coach their own children on how to best befriend other children with the intention of getting access to them for sexual exploitation.

There is a lot of money in child prostitution and child pornography.

I also believe that the families within our geographic boundary were starkly divided into victims and predators. If you were born into a family of predators, you were to be sexually abused and indoctrinated into this group by your own parents. How adults whose every normal instinct - to protect and defend their offspring - can be turned on its head in this way is beyond me. These children existed, not as human beings, but as vessels whose entire life purpose is to aid and abet the crimes of their parents.

I know that this sounds like science fiction, but this is what was, and is, happening in Utah.

I've lost many friends to this group, simply because of who they are as adults, or because of the family they were born into.

In my neighborhood, either you were part of the "in-the-know" crowd, and you understood the score, or you were kept out of the loop, destined to be victimized.

What's Going On With Me?

I am currently being harassed, monitored, intimidated, and surveilled either by those who sexually abused me as a child, or an organization working alongside them. Whoever this group is, they have resources, they a\e sophisticated, and they know how to terrorize their victims (more below).

I have been forced. out of my house and am now at a townhouse that I was had on the market for resale.

I get threatening phone calls: "hey, saw your Facebook Post, stay safe... stay safe." People message me on Facebook with scripted posts about how to keep calm and breathe should I be alone when I have a Heart Attack.

When I approach my Sugarhouse bungalow (which I've moved out of}, there are cars that occasionally follow closely from behind, or aggressively pull up ahead of me and then drive slowly.

Men show up in coffee shops, restaurants, and grocery stores, and no effort to conceal the fact that they're filming me with their cellphones.

Other men, from my past, who were dangerous to me, show up, "randomly," and make small talk and engage with me.

None of this is happening by accident.


There are a number of other things going on with me that I won't address here,

but I can tell you this group is extraordinarily skilled at making people feel terrified, alone, and vulnerable.

They are ruthless, well-financed, and sophisticated. Think of this.

The people who sexually abused me as a child, and now are harassing, intimidating, and even

attempting to kill me, simply because as an adult, I'm a liability to them. This is happening to me, right now, in Salt Lake City, Utah.

It gets worse

A few months ago, I began to spend time with a new group of people. We got to know each other over the year, and being in this circle of friends was fun for me.

We were able to ·get to know each other as friends and I had nothing but total trust in these people. I felt a close connection to them and believed them to be exactly who I thought they were.

Strangely, they seemed to be oddly obsessed with some of my personal affairs: What books I was reading, what I thought about certain issues related to child sexual abuse and the Mormon church, whether or not I believed it was widespread, or if I had any memories of the abuse (and what were they.)

These questions were awkward for me, and my reaction was to just brush off the topic, hoping simply that my past would not catch up with me.

I didn't want to indulge in anything that would cause my friends to judge me or care about me any


I was happy.

These were people that I loved and adored dearly. They were, I believed, some of the sweetest, kindest humans on the planet. Never in a million years could I have imagined otherwise.

Toward the end of November, strange things began to occur in my life.

Some of the people that I had known who were involved in sexually assaulting/trafficking me as a child were coming out of the woodwork to engage with me.

I was being called on the phone, contacted via Facebook, and sent texts.

In essence, these people were putting themselves forward to interact with me in a way that was awkward, uncomfortable.

They were intimidating me, as a group - attacking as a pack.

Not wanting to divulge what I knew about them and about my personal history (this is a common tactic for me), I was forced to have awkward phone conversations with people who I knew were involved in the traumatic events of my childhood.

Additionally, I knew they had access to my home wifi network, because of some of the questions they were asking me over the phone: "Hey did you catch the 1st quarter of that Jazz game last night?"

I did. (In fact, it was the only quarter I watched.)

Not knowing what to do, I panicked and fell the arms of my new "friends," (whom I simply believed loved me and cared for my security and well-being.)

They all begged and pleaded with me that I go to vacant house rental owned by one of them in the West side of Salt Lake City.

In the end, I fled, but instead chose to go to a location downtown. I brought a gun.

This decision may have saved my life.

When we arrived at the downtown location, I settled in immediately. My first instinct was to make the video that I posted to Facebook.

I know now that that video has played a part in saving my life.

Without elaborating, and to make this story short: The VERY PEOPLE I BELIEVED TO BE "friends," drugged and attempted to kill me, with a liquid drink (which I drunk), and with pills (which I refused.

In other words, my "friends" were working with my enemies.

I believe this was done in a way that was pre-planned and coordinated, and that the effort was part of a broader attempt to frighten me and flush me from my quiet Sugarhouse SLC bungalow and into a less-safe location, where they could attempt to kill me.

Someone Wants Me Dead. Make no mistake.

This attempt at my life was a costly, elaborate, well-executed and well-coordinated assassination

attempt by professional killers - not some mere idea concocted by amateurs in a garage. My friends went to elaborate lengths to gain my trust.

There was a backstory, and scripted drama. This went on for months.

It was nothing short of an elaborate espionage operation. It was devastating.

I'm still reeling.

Because I understood just how sophisticated this plot against me was - I am understandably terrified. I'ver learned from this that there have been people in my life wh

After the incident, over the next few days, I made multiple attempts to contact law enforcement.

In total, I've been three times to the local police. All Three times I've had to wait hours to speak to someone.

Frustrated with the lack of response from local police, I've now, twice, driven out to the local Utah FBI office. (After all, if child sex trafficking is the work of any law enforcement agency, it must be the FBI.)

After waiting for about 20 minutes in a holding area, someone finally came to talk to me. The local agent was nice enough.

He interviewed me for a bit, but then told me that the FBI office didn't actually do this kind of thing,

only covered all of Utah and two other States, and was stretched thin. Sorry, he said. "But we just don't have the resources for this."

I left, exhausted.

Another day, I drove up to Capitol Hill to the office of Sean Reyes, Attorney General.

I was not in a good state of mind (understandably, because people are trying to kill me). "I'm a victim of child sex trafficking and I need protection" I blurted out, frantically.

I was even in the same room with Sean Reyes and asked a staff member if I could speak with him. They were nice enough, apologetic even... but in the end simply asked me to leave.

If an educated 40 year old male can't be listened to and believed, I shudder to think what kind of chance a child has.

After my two female friends left our downtown location, I attempted to vomit the drink I was given­ but was unable to do so.

Regardless, I'd been accepting food, drinks, and another number of ingestibles, almost unconsciously, from "my friends," for months.


Three hours after I had drunk the drink that I did that night -given to me by my "friends," I began to have tremors.

My hands and my feet went completely numb, and my back began throbbing on both sides -an indicator of Kidney damage).

I was vomiting and even began to convulse.

I looked up all these symptoms on reputable websites and found that these are very specific symptoms of ingested mercury.

Mercury is found in Fish and shellfish, and it can be deadly, slowly poisoning the system over years. It's also found in Sushi.

Mercury is nearly impossible to cleanse from your system, and simply works quietly to destroy your

Kidney, ljver, and heart.

It is also the perfect poison.

Give someone a dose of mercury, and it's virtually untraceable. One can simply claim after the fact that their victim simply ate a bad piece of fish, or that their favorite food was sushi.

Mercury poisoning can also lead to heart attacks, which are common. I don't eat Fish, ever.

I eat Sushi about twice a year.

When I learned that I had this poisoning, I immediately went to the ER. They did a CBC and found no abnormalities, but even though I demanded they do a test for mercury, none was done.

I also went to a clinic, and had another CBC, but they refused a mercury test.

Because it's the holidays, I've had a hard time getting an appointment with an internal medicine doctor.

If you're reading this, and I've died of a heart attack or Renal failure, demand a mercury biopsy. Also demand that the FBI do a complete investigation.

I'm a 39 year old who 30 days ago was in perfect health.

If I die in the foreseeable future, demand that the FBI get involved. It will not have been an accident.

People have asked me on Facebook. 'Well why don't you just come forward and name all the names of the people you know and the police will investigate."

If I'm backed against a wall, I will divulge every name of every individual I'm aware of. This is not what I want, but I will do it.

As for simply demanding an investigation, from my perspective, this is not reality.

My interactions with local police have taught me that events related to adult child sexual abuse victims are not something they are interested in investigating.

I can’t change this.

And if you believe that I'm somehow mistaken, or not interested in investigating, then you don't understand my situation, and we're not living in the same world.

! want to make this clear, unless I'm pushed, or I'm dying, I will not be naming the people who I know are involved in this.

I simply want the public to know what is going on, because there is some degree of protection that comes with public knowledge. 

To my friends and to anyone with conscience who care about Utah children. If you've just read this, share it to your profile now.

Tag friends.

Call the media.

Tell everyone what can happen to child sexual abuse victims in Utah. This is not a joke, and your efforts may in the end save my life.


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